Monday , August 15 2022

Aldosivi-Newell is an eye on average levels


In the midst of Argentina's soccer, as happened at the end of the Copa Libertadores that took place on Saturday, between Biala and Boca, the Superliga course continues with four meetings (San Lorenzo-Urakana's classic breaks down).

One of them is José María Minellan. In this they measure two groups that need to raise the average of two seasons. Aldosivi de Mar del Plata receives in Newell. The match will be Jorge Baliño.

El Tiburón in Talleres de Córdoba and Garikoitz Alvarez made a single variation: Fabian Assmann's return to Luciano Pocrnjic.

Visiting, Defense and Justice, is not available for Joel Amoroso Muslim injury. In his place Julián Marcioni is young.

stadium: José María Minella (Mar del Plata)
Referee Jorge Baliño

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