Sunday , January 17 2021

Alejandra Pradón frightened Rio de Janeiro's beaches

Alejandra Pradon seems to enjoy a dream vacation in Brazil until the image range is expanded he worried about it in your environment. As mentioned above, the model had to be saved from the Rio de Janeiro's seas, apparently alleged corruption. But he himself clarified perfect conditions

Only those who were in shocked state understand what happens. It can not be detected that water forces do not leave the air and suffer from a lack of air traumatic experience. Therefore, they alerted the relatives and followers of Pradón when they disappeared when circulating images disappeared.

Circulated image on networks.
Circulated image on networks.

Ángel de Brito echoed the images: "Alexandra Pradón was dropped almost at sea. He disappeared. The accident was in Rio. "He also told the entertainment journalist:" It was undependable on the beach and then by an ambulance. "

However, and for the sake of everyone, this version lasted only a few minutes, as exvedette himself was responsible for verifying that there were no images.

"I recently talked to La Pradon, he gave me a video clip. It's perfect, it's everything and it's very intense, "wrote De Britt with his Twitter account, removing the drama from the previous publication.

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