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Alfredo Casero, controversy about Thelma Fardin, against Juan Darthés: "The problem is to denounce a person as raped"


Alfredo Casero He was invited Los Angeles of the Morning and, on the current political situation and current issues on current issues, he talked about the rape's complaint -New tour in 2009 Ugly duck– That's it Thelma Fardin it is against Juan Darthés, who was the partner of her daughter casting, Minerva, soap opera Simona.

"There are some sound bombs, when I heard a little bit on the radio, Thelma televived the language and I got sick, I swear in my life," Casero said. Ángel de Brito.

"Things start to move inside you, you're not familiar with the things that you know, things that start to tell …" Abused by a person "or" there is an accusation, "he has continued to comment on, humorist.

Whether the driver was a positive question or not, Casero said: "I think I'll say something … Yes, but It's a great thing to report a person as raped. It is necessary to condescending with the law, You can not go lynch. But if you've done it, you're in prison, you're eating … you're in prison! "

Previous testimony regarding the previous one Calo Rivero – Darthes accused of harassment allegations Sweet loveIn the band Teleferen 2012, Casero said: "I love him very much, I know that his family, his mother, his father, we are all friends … But I think We must always be careful not to fall into any kind of difference. If we already have enough differences. I do not talk to anyone, but When he becomes a militant, he loses man. And you are talking about deep-seated things for all people. "

Without fear of being admitted to the controversy, the comedy told Themena's parents: "My daughters have raised all women. Guillerminait's chocolate Minerva, works, studies, to be better. What i know I had not sent my daughters to Nicaraguan. I think for myself And if so, how can you do that?

Finally, the actor said: "When I say justice, movements and once I say it once again, I think it is very difficult to kill men, it seems very painful, and you are also about the situation of aggression and hatred. The man and woman of the world complement each other".

And he concludes Cinthia Fernández, the panelists of the cycle: "I love calmly, this orange is divine, and I say:" Pucha, how beautiful it is, "but I say a shit and it happens …"

"Why are you afraid of saying more words?" De Brito has been suspended. "No, I'm not afraid of anythingHe replied to the man.

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