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All Amazon Alexa products at CES 2019


Vuzix Blade is the first smart glasses that work with Alexa.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The CES 2019 electronics fair has begun. As usual, the ceremony will be announced on announcements and smart consumer electronics.

This year, a series of products will be made following Alexa's compatible list of devices, boards, cooking pots, HD TVs and more.

Meanwhile Google and Amazon fight for the smart home domainFind out here how to locate Amazon virtual providers' battles. Be sure to return this article regularly, because we are updating our new products compatible with Alexa CES.

New products that work with Alexa

This is a list of products presented at CES and manufacturers are committed to working with Alexa.


Asus Lyra Voice

This is the Asus Lyra Voice of $ 220. It is an attractive combination of intelligent loudspeaker and router. Lyra Alexa is compatible with an integrated microphone.

GE Lighting

Smart lights by C by GE

GE's smart lighting line will soon be compatible with Alexa. C has called GE, the line has bulbs, light switches, sockets and intelligent sensors. Line C will be integrated into Google Assistant. Apple HomeKits will be compatible this year.

Currant Smart Wall Outlet

This smart outlet controls the energy usage of the connected device. Then, analyze the data on what device you use to save energy. The stores are controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as from the Currant mobile application.


Gourmia can 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker

Presented by the manufacturer of the Gourmia Appliance Cooking pots in 11 of 11 Deluxe Multicooker The US $ 150 works for Alexa Voice commands. Google Assistant and Google's mobile Mia de Gourmia also follow guidelines.

Kohler's smart bathroom

Money is not an obstacle and you want intelligent bathroom elements, check out the collection of Kohler bathroom accessories for smartphones. It includes a common toilet line, a bathtub, an illuminated mirror and vanity with three illuminated pieces. All items can control the accent lights with voice commands and Alexa Assistant with Google Voice. The line also has a mirror Verdera Voice Lighting MirrorIt comes with Google Assistant or Alexa models.


Klipsch Bar sound bar 48W

Klipsch Bar 48W sound bar has a sound of 48-inch speakers. It integrates Alexa compatibility. 48W Bar is also compatible with Google Assistant and Apple Airplay.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Vuzix Blade

Vuzix Blade is the first intelligent glasses compatible with Alexa $ 999. Glasses capture videos and photos and stream audio headphones. You can also watch videos, videos, applications and messages in one of lenses.

CNET will be in Las Vegas in Las Vegas on January 2019 to showcase all the CES technology show details.

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