Saturday , June 10 2023

All Boys went to the stadium to identify the bars that were attacked by police in search of documentation


The Municipal Police Officer's current Malvinas Islands has abandoned the Club of All Boys The aggression attackers attacked the attacking agent agents in search of documents, many of whom were attacked following a hordes of local fans who were wounded.

Procedure, Court of the Court of Laws and Law Enforcement 26, to the doctor María Cristina Nazar, Doctor's hand Juan Rosas, 1952, they took Mercedes street in the Floresta neighborhood.

Digital information and images, passport and other documentation were organized in one individual order. The man was formed in that place Alberto Mandelli, club sports director, facilitated access to facilities. Organized procedures were carried out, seized information and records with several CPU members.

"This is already a series of episodes of violence, linked to leader Luis D & Elía And that would be the worst executive All Boys would be involved. They are being arrested for arrests. This bar is functional for some leaders and the right of their acceptance does not fall. The club closed Justice, "the radio said Net Marcelo D 'Alessandro, Urban Security Secretary.

He also announced the official Radio MiterHe said: "They invited the Atlantean leader to silence the messages of anti-Semitism in the middle of the incident, the flag of the Palestinian oppressor," he added, "All Boys have the ruling closed indefinitely and as a punishment We're going to play all of 2019 without public. "

Attack left the balance 15 wounded police were destroyed by five patrols and just three people were detained.

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