Tuesday , January 25 2022

Almirn chose 27 to travel to Brazil


Today's new 18-year preseason will begin San Lorenzo When I go to Porto Alegre, I will start with the hardest part of it. 2019 is a bet for the cyclist, because he has to face four competitions at the same time. Jorge Almirn I decided that Brazil will travel 27 players in Brazil.

Almirn won three important strengths at Cuervo, which he directed at the National Attic, Gustavo Torres He is 22 years old and goes on a recruit, a 24-year-old Colombian midfielder, Ral Loaiza and, finally, goalkeeper of Argentina Fernando Monetti Only coffee can be directed to the country LansThey spend three years with a shopping option.

For this reason guests to attend Porto Alegre are: Jos Devecchi, Fernando Monetti, Nicols Navarro and Sebastin Torrico They will be archers. They go to the defense site: Fabricio Coloccini, Gianluca Ferrari, Andrs Herrera, Gonzalo Rodrguez, Gabriel Rojas, Victor Salazar, Marcos Senesi and Rodrigo Tapia. They will be on the middle ground: Jons Acevedo, Nahuel Barrios, Fernando Belluschi, Ral Loaiza, Emanuel Maciel, Baptist Merlini, Gernimo Poblete and Ariel Rojas.

In the end, the agents that will be used by Almirn are: Nicols Blandi, Ruben Botta, Gabriel Esparza, Santiago Gonzlez, Pablo Mouche, Nicols Reniero and Gustavo Torres. These 27 may be in the hands of the leaders of San Lorenzo, along with some of the local soccer highlights, for example Federico Mancuello, Emmanuel Mas or Gonzalo Castellani.

Keep in mind that Almagro players must play four championships at the same time: the local championship until the end, in August next. They seek to improve the image that was left in the end Argentina Cup, play again League Cup it organizes it Super League of Soccer of Argentina, without forgetting, is the main objective Libertadores Cup And for the second time in history.

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