Every day passes Bethesda It covers more glory, and it was the afternoon that all customers who had a watch card had to sign in and not only to see their tickets, but the revenue of all users. As a result, all users have access to personal data of open access, which means names, email addresses and other personal information.

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Help cards too uploaded documents may also be included, most of the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition buyers were asked to send their own invoices to make replacement costumes, the company did not meet the offer and gave them very low bundles. These excuses had no excuse for making materials. apparently, Other customers can also see these documents, and these receipts may be at least a partial credit card information.

Bethesda has resolved the problem, now he unplugged his support zone a bit, but not before users At Reddit, on Twitter and in official forums at Bethesda, what was happening.

via: PCGamesN