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America is the best player on the River

River I lived in 2018 unforgettable. The team led by Marcelo Gallardo has won two trophies this year. Argentinian Super Cup and Copa Libertadores de AmricaTwo times he defeated Boca in the last. Therefore cast players Millionaire They were never sorted. As illustrated by the regular questionnaire in El Pas de Uruguay in Uruguay, he chooses the best American soccer player.

This is to get this distinction to play three nominee players River. Franco Armani, Juan Fernando Quintero and Gonzalo Pity Martnez They were the three most voted for the winners of the announcement that will be announced on 31 December for the announcement of the Uruguayan newspaper.

The three players were basic River In 2018 this. ArmaniHe had a brilliant first semester and he fell down in the second half of the year, but in the first months of 2018 he was able to complete his list of famous performances. The Russian World Cup has also participated in the voting decisions.

The other player that participated in the World Cup is injured Juan Fernando Quintero. The Colombian was the key to the World Cup and she showed all the quality in Russia. On the river, smaller ones were larger, although there were some irregularities. However, the goal of Boca can be crucial in the final elections of the Copa Libertadores final.

It's the last ternado Gonzalo Pity Martnez. The former player of Hurricane was a crucial player in the Libertador River. In the end he won a goal, but his contribution was constant throughout the year. If he wins, he will receive the award on his final day as a River Player, one day later, he signed with Atlanta United.

Six players Millionaire They have conquered the statue that was delivered since 1986. Antonio Alzamendi, Enzo Francescoli, Marcelo Salas, Javier Saviola, Tefilo Gutiérrez and Carlos Sánchez take the truck. It's funny that one of them is Argentinian, so they will try to break with Martnez and Armani.

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