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AMIA: Carlos Menem was acquitted and the first referee of the court was sentenced to cover the attack – 28/02/2008

Former President and current senator Carlos Menem was acquitted A report on the terrorist attack against the AMIA of 1994 took place on Friday 85 people were killed, but his former intelligence secretary, Hugo Anzorreguy and the original judge of the case, Juan José Galeano, they were dismissed in the last decade, in order to be punishable by effective punishment, that is, when it enters into force definitively.

He was sentenced to six years in prison before Juan José Galeano. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

He was sentenced to six years in prison before Juan José Galeano. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández

The 2nd Judgment of the Court of the Court of Justice (TOCF2) stated that Galeano was guilty of an extinction, malformation (ruling against resolutions), illegal murder of freedom, concealment and evidence crimes. He has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Anzorreguy, who had not used the last words before his trial, was convicted and sentenced to four years and a half for being sentenced to jail and murder and destruction.

In both cases, it will pay, above all, 400 thousand pesos / dollars, in the case of first and foremost, Carlos Telleldín15 years ago, they were acquitted because of the aggression of some former Buenos Aires police officers, due to the inequalities caused by the illegal division of funds from intelligent secretaries (SIDE). .

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Menem, on the other hand, found the innocence of Syria's merchants who defended the investigations that diverted the investigation. Alberto Kanoore EduL, when the wrong track of "Syria" was called, at the beginning. Judge Jorge Gorini, Néstor Guillermo Costabel and Karina Perilla, could not find evidence of this matter.

The original cause of the attack was accused of organizing the attack by Iranian officials, but the Argentine courts could not go to court because Iran denied them the local authorities.

This long trial of more than three years is known as AMIA II and as a result of the oral debate on Thursday (the full content of the sentence will be announced on May 3, that is, the sanctions and absolutions of the courts), Telleldin also found guilty and sentenced They serve prison for three and a half years and a return $ 400 thousand The former SIDE paid for it.

In addition, the wife of Telleldin was condemned, Ana Boragni (two years in prison, a conditional execution, at the time of his unlawful payment for her husband), former secretary of the intelligence Juan Carlos Anchézar (3 years) and former commissioner Carlos Castañeda (3 years), in this case, in the case of missing audiences.

On the other hand, the former President of the Israeli Association Delegation (DAIA) was acquitted. Rubén Berajalawyer Víctor Stinfale – At that time, Telleldín-former director of the former intelligence secretariat (SIDE) Patricio Pfinnen and former commissioner Jorge "Fino" Palacios.

In this case, former prosecutors, Eamon Mullen and José Barbaccia, Because the accusation of the Ministry of Justice did not ask for the condemnation that short circuits in the Allied Government of Cambiemos were created, due to their position and leadership and criticism of the Civil Society Elisa CarrióThe guilty was sentenced only to prison for two years, a conditional execution. Therefore, if they do not confirm this punishment, they will go to jail. They confirmed that the negotiations for the payment of Telleldin were not included.

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The cameras used as a bomb against the arrest were opposed to terrorism, the main event will be ruled out next week, but TOCF2 was forced to arrest the incarcerate of Abel Cordova at the request of agenda for the next month.

But it will not be the next month after the democratically restored, the most destructive terrorist attack in the country and the first embassy in March 1992, which was committed for two years. dead

No initial date has yet been established, but probably in the second half of this year, TOCF8 is going to face a trial of the death toll of Alberto Nisman's tax office, former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and others of the Memorandum of Understanding, according to a statement signed by his government with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this case, Claudius Bonadio, based on the case of Nisman, found that the bullet in the dead apartment in Puerto Madero, in four months, has been investigated in telephone transactions. All people involved and people who use their mobile phones on January days of 2015 in the field of crime.

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