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Amount to increase the "Football Pack" to see the Super League 2019


Soccer fans watch the Argentine Super League matches, which are well-known "Football Package" increased 18% from January 1, 2019. With the disappearance of "Football", the National Government program, as soon as possible, was seen through free television, and in 2017 a transition was made to the economic agreement with Turner and Fox.

That is why, from that moment on, we need to hire the "Football Pack" to enjoy any Argentinian football match. Fox Premium and TNT Sports. The price of the first price was 300 pesos. Then, in March, 330 dollars rose and rose to $ 375 in September. But by the end of 2018, users were surprised to learn On January 2019, the invoice totaled USD 450 for this service.

On top of this new "rate" of Argentine Football, the president of the Argentine Football Federation (AFA), Claudio Tapia, will begin the investment for the next season in the development of technology (VAR) to be "corrective errors" and "injustices" of the Super League in Argentina from our country

These news was made via Twitter through a video published on the official AFA profile and after a 2018 balance, he described the "positive" product of 93 million pesetas surplus. Argentina Group Drafting in the 16th round of the World Cup

"We must transfer technology to arbitration, something to be developed. I think they think that the VAR used to correct mistakes or injustices is very good. Bearing in mind that the protagonist must be an arbiter together with the players that are developing the show. We have the economic capacity to start developing next season"Tapia said.

On the other hand, the AFA authorities revealed Lionel Messi was not selected and hopes that it will be in the next list of "World best player". The final game of the Rosarino crack was a blue and white T-shirt, in the eighth final of the World Cup, the national team lost 4 to 3 with France, which will be a few days later.

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