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Amparo has gone 11 | Justice ordered …

Judge of the National Court of La Plata, Adolfo Gabino Ziulu, presented an amparo action and ordered the national state to guarantee meningocular vaccines for children under 11 years of the province of Buenos Aires. The National Executive Power has suspended the dosage of children for this age, and then informs the Ministry of the National Health website, but does not have administrative action. That is, there was no decree signed by the person in charge of the measure. The length of time that the application was suspended was not explained.

As a result, the AJUS La Plata-Ensenada Small and AGE Association Civil Rights Association made a judicial presentation against this decision. According to the response, Judge Judge first handled the case as a collective, with 11-year-old boys and girls from the province of Buenos Aires, and then ordered to give the State a small girl vaccine. Mother began the case, offering paths for that.

Now, the magistrate has resolved and merited the merits of the matter, since the Ministry of Health has done so de facto, because it has reported the vaccination of the website, without any administrative action, for violating it. at the beginning of legalization.

In that regard, Judge decides to suspend the suspension of the ruling.

Dr. Emanuel Desojo, the head of AJUS and the sponsor, asked the couple, "We presented Amparo in September, then in August, then the Ministry of Health of the Nation (nowadays it has become a secretary). With a press release, the suspension of doses for 11 year-old boys Until the necessary availability was reached, he argued, falsely, the lack stock, which entrusted the laboratories, who allegedly did not have enough quantities, which was a fact that was denied by the suppliers.

A focus of protection is the defense of the right to health of all children. "When the vaccinations leave the mandatory and free vaccines, the vaccine has a weight of 2000. Now, it costs approximately 3000. Nobody paid, so we also raise the patrimony. Children 11-year-olds will be asked for a request They will be included and now they have become 12. The decision is among children, they are protected, "said Dr. Desojo.

Subsequently, the arguments used by the Ministry of Health were used to interrupt the pubescence dose, which was not the most vulnerable and the lowest vaccine priority. This reason was sprayed in amparo (and "see" the phrase), based on recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO). At 11 years, the immunity gained with the previous doses is lost, so that children of this age can spread the disease in school, for example, and may be a source of risk for babies under 3 months. no vaccinations Due to the high death rate and serious consequences, the WHO considers the importance of the disease and the usefulness of the vaccine as a preventative measure.

"It is very important to spread this trial, encourage children to take the vaccine and refuse to receive a vaccine. If they do not say it in some places, for some reason (this is not the case), you must apply for a certificate, submit a legal action and be vaccinated," stressed I'm disappointed.

The judge of justice protects the right to health in the province of Buenos Aires, because it has a national scope. On the other hand, the two deputies and the senators are trying to protect the budget items that are committed to the vaccination. Deputy Chancellor, Pablo Yedlin, voted in the house, the Odessa Magdalenian of the Senate of Madrid promised the invitation of the invitation for intangibility and vaccination of the budget elements of the National Vaccination Program. "Public health adjustment and cuts in this context, Congress is essential for the protection of vaccine resources and what happened in August." The absence of a vaccine against meningitis "will not happen again". Rionegrin has been determined.

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