Tuesday , January 18 2022

An Argentine helped him why Zika created microfefies


Scientists from the United States also form part of a group of researchers Dr. Andrea Gamarnik from Argentina Founded by the Leloir Institute Foundation (FIL) Zika virus protein, the main responsible for neonatal brain malformations in affected countries.

In a pioneered study Cell magazine This has been confirmed protein "NS4A", whose role is involved in the replication of the viral genome in the cells that infect it, it acts in a "way of interaction". Ankle2 proteinis present in humans and mosquitoes and is very important in the development of the brain. "

"Providing our findings A possible explanation of the malformations of the babies caused by the virus", Responsible for the Molecular Virology Laboratory of Gamarnik, FIL and Conicet, in an interview with the Tlam agency.

"We started working in 2010 with the dengue, we did not have any idea that we did not know, we wanted to understand that the virus was used to replicate the cells, and apparently the Zika virus inhibits the Ankle2 function, which could be the development of microcephaly. It is a very important result in previous studies that associate inheritance microceps and the development of human development with a mutation of the Ankle2 gene.", determine professional.

And I continue to say that this epidemic in 2016 called the World Health Organization (WHO) "an emergency public health concern for international concern": "The information that emerges from different insects is very important in understanding what happens in human illnesses: 75% of genetic diseases or cancer-related genes They have detected the genome of this bird, whose analogy is very useful with humans".

Gamarni, who received a prize in 2016 as the "LOral-Unesco Prize for Women in Science", also carries out the future development of viral antiviral viruses: "Zika's possible cause of microculture is, though we do not know if there is only one multifactorial table or our It provides a large amount of information that applies to the work To understand the development of anti-viral antimicrobial agents and the molecular basis of pathologies that cause them".

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