Monday , May 29 2023

An important advance in cancer medicine at Chivilcoy


The Chivilcoy radiation center was recently activated. It is located at 171 Vicente Loveira Street and is intended for the treatment of oncological radiotherapy. The building has been built to all relevant standards and qualifications.

Dr. Mario Dinucci is the Medical Director of the Center and, in an interview with LA RAZON, has argued that the machine we are integrating is a state-of-the-art linear accelerator with two types of energy, electrons and photons. All types of modern and high-precision radiotherapy treatments can be performed through the use of computers and images to create a very precise treatment to radiate the place where the radiation will be applied and to touch anyone. other organs or tissues that may be damaged. It seems very easy to say that, from a technological point of view, it is complicated.

We are proud to have installed this center in an area that required this technique. Here’s a radiotherapy center that had a cobalt machine a long time ago, but it stopped working, he said, adding that we plan to serve an area of ​​nearly 400,000 people, because that’s both for patients who need treatment. not having to travel to other cities.

The medical professional said that the patient should go to the place where the machine is and that there are generally outpatient treatments of between 30 and 50 days a day. If we only multiply by 30 days of mobilization, if we only multiply by 30 days of mobilization, if we only multiply by 30 days of mobilization, the patient who has to go to the center 150 miles away has a great economy. also the cost and loss of the patient’s quality of life. Traveling is stressful, it is best to seek treatment closer to home.

We offer a service for some social work in Chivilcoy and are considering the possibility of reaching an agreement with the approval of OSECAC and PAMI. We will gradually integrate all suppliers. The director of the Ministry of Health has also contacted us, saying he is interested in the service we offer.

Dr. Dinucci said the patient is coming to the Center for the first time, citing a surgeon or oncologist. An evaluation is performed to determine the type and amount of radiation. Once treatment is decided, planning is done with a CT or MRI scanner. All patients should have an imaging examination because the machine we put in the center works with images of the patient. We need to make a mold of the patient with three-dimensional tomography to locate the area to be treated and with a calculation process it is decided how to program the machine so that it can be placed where the radiation will be emitted. and not where it is not needed.

We are able to apply modern radiotherapy, which is the application of three-dimensional radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy and imaging radiotherapy. If we need to treat the lungs, when the patient breathes that organ moves and changes position, this machine has the advantage of following the movement of the lungs and not radiating healthy tissue, he said, adding that we can do radiosurgery. , is a highly specialized practice that can treat brain tumors with very fine rays of radiation and treat cysts or brain tumors. We treat stereotaxic radiation outside the central nervous system, which takes place between two or four sessions to destroy tumor cells, in some cases replacing surgery.

The idea is that our affiliates at work can be served at Chivilcoy

Omar Bellicoso, OSECAC’s director of social work, went to the clinic with LA RAZON and told me that I had been invited to visit the clinic and that it was truly amazing, with a construction I had never imagined. outside. It’s amazing to know the bunker where the famous machine is in the middle of it all.

The idea is that our affiliates at work can be served at Chivilcoy. It is an extraordinary job and need, not only for the city, but also for the region. We must all make an effort to ensure that this center is full of patients who need to be cared for in such a center, he stressed.

Bellicoso recalled that patients who need rays are referred to cities in Junn or the federal capital, so Chivilcoy deserved a center of these characteristics with this technology applied to this type of cure. No one can oppose it, on the contrary, we will see if we can reach an agreement.

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