Sunday , January 17 2021

An incredible point in the world circuit of the world circuit of the enemy circuit

Argentinean Maximiliano Sánchez It was highlighted in a magnificent point Master Marbella Padel, the first 2019 World Circuit Championship. Born in San Luis semester also with the pointers "Sanyo" Gutiérrez Before Bahiense Juan Mieres and Spanish Alejandro Galán.

In triumph 6-4 and 6-3It was the key to "Shark". He ravaged all the lights with an outgoing phenomenon. du Number 1 The world had to win in the Maxi knock-on point, but Galán kept it in the air.

In a voluminous act, "Juani" Mieres pulled out of the court and "dodo" was exhausted at full speed. When the ball collapsed, it was ready to cross the door and send it to the other side directly.

Sánchez and GutiérrezThe last half of the storm in the world of number 1, and will try to get the first title of 2019 to face a new promotion for this tomorrow's promise. "Paquito" Navarro and Juan LebrónThe pair of circuits, Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima, were eliminated in the 1st semi-finals.

It should be noted that the calendar of this year will change and the Master of Buenos Aires will not be held at the end of the year. It will be From 3 to 9 June The Rural Pavilion.

It is one of the seven countries in Argentina that hosts the circuit of the world Spanish -13 tournaments, Swedish, Portugal, England, Brazil and In Mexico. The next official appointment of Marbell will be April 9 at Logroño Irekia, a new competition this year.

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