Monday , September 26 2022

An unknown structure revealed in the human brain


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He discovered an unknown structure in the human brain. It is located in the lower cerebellar stem next to the area that connects the brain to the spine.

Structure, called the endorestiform nucleus, which is related to the area with sensory and motor information from the body. This affects your position, coordination, and movement

Most likely, the endorestiform nucleus, a group of neurons, is very important in this process. But the final goal is to get conclusions, experts say.

"The lower part of the cerebellar can be compared to a river, it receives information from the spinal and cytological cycle, and the nucleus endorestiform is an island of this river," explains its author, George Paxinos, scientist's neurosurgeon, the Australian Institute of Investigation.

To recognize the structure managed by innovative methods using color elements. It assigns different neural groups according to their functions.

Interestingly, organizations with endorestiform nuclei have not yet been found in animals, especially primates. Scientists have suggested that the structure be capable of fine motor skills so that there is no monkey or guitar to play.

Researchers learn more, explore the human brain using MRI and compare it with the body of a chimp (they are closest to human beings).

Earlier, they demonstrated that large-scale DNA analysis accelerated the evolution of modern humans.


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