Thursday , February 9 2023

Anal Sex, Vaccines: Barreto is not proclaiming and declaring war on prevention


Gisela Barreto, after doing an exaggerated model of many dressed up magazines, told her about her sex theory with a glass of water, a video that was viral against the vaccine.

Former hot girl, Dr. Chinda Brandolino, expressed his opinion that the doctor's abortion was illegal. From then on, Barret took up his vision that vaccines "frighten" and create autism.

"You're hearing about all the vaccines you're doing and you're afraid of it. The vaccine of the Tetanus can be applied according to the doctor. Health officials have an attack on children," he said.

As if it were not enough, he said that public policy "is part of a plan that thinks it should be" vaccinated. " Whether you are telling it or not, what you are investigating. The new world order is eugenics and vaccination. They want to destroy and control the population, "he said.

Loose body, Barreto also dares to draft another negative impact on vaccines. "The intellectual level of our children is diminishing. The baby's brain has gone live in the first year of life. Vaccine like measles demonstrates autism in children," he said.

With apocalyptic vision, he said "we are looking at a biological war." "We want to destroy all the expenses, under piety, as vaccines and remedies help us," he said.

Barreto considers himself a serious consultant: "I do not want to put the vaccine you want, but to start researching. Videos are on the Internet. It happened to me that it was a flu and it was a poorer winter, a sick person is already resting, a healthy diet and water. , of course, doctor, "Gisela closed.

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