Thursday , June 8 2023

Android wants your mobile phone to be faster and safer


Android is known for naming its operating systems with sweet names, such as Masmelow, KitKat, Donout or Oreo. They are already called version 9 and Pie (pie). They also celebrated their 10 years of existence and launched two editions of the magazine, Go and One, on mobile phones.

According to the company's data, Android has around 2,300 active brands with around 2,000 million devices, at least 24,000 products.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Vice President of ecosystems and Android Platforms, wrote on "One and One" official system "two programs that people are looking for exactly what they expect when they take an Android device."

Android, like iOS (iPhones and iPads operating system), its main competitor, is updated annually. Those who buy the latest mobile phones like Asus, Motorola, LG and Samsung get one of the latest Android versions, in this case, Oreo or Pie.

The newest update is almost never guaranteed, which is why some mobile phones are committed (Motorola One is one of them). For this reason, amongst those using Android devices, 21.5% of them are up to date, namely Oreo version (2017), 22.8% Torron (2016) and Marshallona (21.3%) Marshmallow (2015). ).

However, "the most recent ones (Pie and Oreo) are not ideal for entry level or low-cost phones, but it is the reason that the best technological performances are best suited," says SPérez Pérez, system engineers and Android developers.

This was the thought that was developed Go. Lockheimer explains: "Android (Oreo or Pie) is an optimized version for smartphones, up to 1GB RAM or less, with less storage and processing power"

What makes the device work better? It was launched a year ago and the recently upgraded version is available in 120 countries and works on 200 devices. In Colombia, for example, mobile phones use Alcatel 1, Moto E5 Play, Alcatel 1X and Nokia 1 Android Oreo Go.

"The experience of Go is a crucial part of Google's redesigned application design to meet the needs of the owners of the phone for the first time. These applications have special features such as YouTube Go free downloads, which are not part of the classic application," he says. Sagar Kamdar, Android Product Management Director.

Karen RuizMotorola, the Colombian product manager, describes Android One as one of the following: safe, simple and intelligent.

On the other hand, Android explains that the user updates the latest operating system, updates of Google and security updates and a simple software design: intuitive and simplified.

Someone who owns One uses the advantage, according to Lockheimer, They are "Fast access to Android operating system updates for two years, including the latest innovations in Google's artificial intelligence, the safest ecosystem device for three years of daily security security updates and Google Play Protect (antivirus)."

Mobile phones in the country are already Android One: Motorola One (launched last month), Nokia 8 Sirocco, Xiaomi Mi A2, HTC U11 Life and Nokia 7.1.

Another version that adapts to the input device and the medium range, but guarantees security and new features, such as Artificial Intelligence. The decision is not so difficult.

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