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Aníbal Pachano: "Actrices Argentinas because Natacha Jaitt abandoned the prostitute"

Aníbal Pachano He talked about Natacha Jaitt's death and He was very hard on the Argentine actors. The driver said he had raped it a few months ago, when the artist's collective stated his intention to request Justice Justice. However, later, he said The words were not deeds and did not accept it in the same way Thelma Fardin complaint against him Juan Darthés.

"I do not talk about such addictions Twinkie or little man, I said (Natacha) It was only in many situations. Very nice collective actress, though a little more humanity … "Pachano said in a radio show In fly cases, The Eleven Ten.

When asked by the guides, Argentinean Argentinean actresses "abandoned" Natacha, the theater director said: "Of course, he was a prostitute. He said he was a prostitute. And three-quarters of the pseudo-collective, as far as I know … How they know how they started, where they came from and where they are. No one is having sex with a person or gaining a certain way ".

"He is a man of prostitutes, because he is a woman who wants to sell his body, to save others like others, much more seriously or like others, lives like other vampires and nobody says anything," he added. pachano

(Audio: "As if the Flies" – The Eleven Ten)

He also mentioned Carolina Papaleo, in that program Mauro, pure truthWith the incomprehensible expression of Natacha's health, that's why Ulysses sued him: "I saw Papaleo completely excluded, who speak. I have a lack of it, because I think my political thinking and so many other convictions. I was surprised to talk about Natacha's health, about chronicity and prostitution. Well, it was a prostitute, my love. He is always a prostitute to live somewhere. "

"I do not know what a model and an actress, a fan of Papaleo Natacha, who loved listening to her and worked for many years, and she was beautiful, as it is now beautiful on TV today. Because she decides X life, Which rights can not be granted or a request to hear? What do they defend? He asked.

And he mentioned it Laura Azcurra, Criticized Natacha for being one of the most representative representatives of the group because he did not hear his claim: "If you do not respond or you are not sending a WhatsAppUlysses said he was a brother and he defended … These are known. "

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