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Anomalies identified in the brain speech-ScienceDaily

An international study led by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute has made significant progress in identifying the potential cause of the most serious problem of the child's discourse – apraxia.

1000 children are appraised, but the origin of this disorder of debilitating disorder is still unstoppable.

A group of researchers, led by Professor Prof Angela Morgan, MCRI, has identified anomalies in the speech brain lecture.

Prof. Morgan said it could be a better understanding for neuroscientists and speech pathologists to develop more child care treatments.

Research papers, & Dorsal language stream anomalies in inherited speech disorder & # 39; , published in the latest edition of the international magazine, Brain.

Prof. Morgan, a lecturer in Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne, learns to talk about children with apraxia and combine their sounds in a timely manner, and at the same time causes signaling and harm.

"People are trying to understand what they say, which has long-term negative effects, social relationships, self-esteem, academic achievement and the ability to create quality of life," said Prof. Morgan.

Prof. Morgan said the research group was able to identify the brain's brain irregularities when it is underestimated. "Standardized MRIs have not been found anomaly, but we use a very sophisticated scan, which analyzes the integrity of brain paths through Brain Tractography analysis," said Prof Morgan.

"Apraxia examined the brains of the seven family members and found the differences between key sections of the speech – a fast-moving language."

Dr Morgan said that it was recently discovered in this brain path, that people were critical of listening and speaking later.

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