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Another debate: Officials, one of the members of the board of directors that integrates Pablo Pérez Boca – 11/26/2018


The global embarrassment of a more successful Superfinal lacking of data was known in the last hours of an event that sparked suspicions among the riders: Otamendi Sanitaria Otamendiko Ophthalmology Service was one of the main responsible Pablo Pérez and Gonzalo LamardoHe completes the Boca Board of Directors.

Heriberto Marotta, Director of the Ophthalmology Department of the Health Care Center, is also a replacement for "Xeneize" and "Department of Medicine Department".

Dr. Marotta in the curriculum published on its website.

Dr. Marotta in the curriculum published on its website.

In fact, in May, the club's website acknowledged that he was recognized by the Buenos Aires Parliament's doctor Significant urban identity In the field of Medical Sciences.

Heriberto Marotta, Boca Board of Directors

Heriberto Marotta, Boca Board of Directors

Bai Pérez and Lamardo took him on Saturday to the monumental stadium of Otamendi Sanatorium. Boca riders examined the attack they had suffered on the River Stadium.

Boca's captain had a 60% vision at a time when his eye was shortened, as confirmed by the doctor who attended Saturday and Sunday by Alejandro Weremczuk.

On Saturday, while Boca players were taken to Otamendi, CONMEBOL's doctors signed a document, which meant that it was not possible to verify eye-breaking, and the match was challenged. Eventually it did not happen.

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