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Another old friend of Almirón is the third force of San Lorenzo – 12/30/2014

Former coach Fernando Monetti, Jorge Almirón, San Lorenzo is a third party in this passive market. The arrests arrive from Colombia to Atletico Nation, borrowed for six months, with a charge and purchase option.

It was a Colombian club on Sunday, at 12:00 p.m. June loans will pay San Lorenzo of US $ 25,000 and the purchase option will be set at $ 800,000 for over 80%. The remaining 20 percent would be the coffee club.

Monret, 29, led by Almirón in Lanús and Atlético Nacional, will face Nicolás Navarro (33). On the other hand, Sebastián Torrico (38), goalkeeper, showed us the interest of the Argentinian Juniors for two and a half years contract.

The arrival of the Monetary will also be attended by two other Colombian Athletic players: Gustavo Torres (22 years ahead) and Raúl Loaiza (midfielder of the middle of the 24 years).

Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata's rivals emerged when Velez was released on November 21, 2010. Monett achieved a record 2012/13 season in the La Plata season: 570 minutes left without passing the goals. To Carlos Minoico history, in fact, in the year 1962, 526 minutes were missing.

Like Almirón, the goalkeeper was the Primus champion, against Lanús in 2016, the Bicentennial Cup and the Argentine Super Cup.

Monetti also won the Copa Colombia this year. The goalkeeper makes a clear shot on the ground by the goalkeeper, or goes to the offside team.

With regard to the increases of San Lorenzo, the step-by-step year, Federico Mancuello, an independent former volunteer effort, can start a $ 1,300,000 deal for Cruzeiro and Flamengo. , 60% and 40% of the federal rights, respectively.

Mancuello is excited to return to Argentina.

Mancuello is excited to return to Argentina.

Another one that will be very close to Flamengo left and Miguel Trauco (26 years old) would be an international peruvian for the loan.

Monetek, Torres and Loaiz will play Ciudad Deportiva on January 3. San Lorenzo will officially compete on Sunday, Sunday, 18th, 18th at the New Gas Station on the 13th. Hurricane day In 2019, its calendars, SuperLiga, Libertadores Cup and Argentina Cup.

Peruvian side Miguel Miguel Trauco.

Peruvian side Miguel Miguel Trauco.

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