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ANSES | Therefore, you can apply for retirement benefits benefits

November 29, 2018

The National Social Security Administration allows you to apply for a period of two months within a period of two months.


From there National Social Security Administration (ANSES) I understand retirees and pensioners they have the right Claim assets they were not able to charge. And this can be done inside two years later to the date they should have done.

That is why the process must be done in person and in person any body representation In the previous round, the number is called by calling 130, free of charge, or free of charge from the website, enter here.

Every month you can claim it right away Banco de la Nación Argentina A close or depleted form of ANSES representation along with the month specified in the bank for sale. The month corresponds to the previous month, It must be presented at the payment institution Bank Certificate Form, issued by ANSES.

ANSES | Payment schedule this Thursday, November 29

Remember this Thursday November 29They will receive their assets from the beneficiaries retirement and pensions more than those who upload it $ 9,816, by the end of the number DNI: 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Remember that the international meeting of the countries that were informed at the beginning of the week was ANSES G20 In Buenos Aires, next Friday and Saturday, retired people, pensioners and advanced payment bonuses.

Last Tuesday, November 27, Delegations and offices ANSES They did not provide service or celebrations for the public Argentine Pension Workers' Party.

du ANSES "On November 12, 2009, 26,533 law was declared on 27 November, according to the Argentinian Pension Workers' Day, and the creation of the National Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare 1943."

For his part, the agency reminded her Website it can be Manage queries and process paperwork.

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