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Antonio Mohamed: "Argentinian football is perfect for everyone who defends" – 12/01/2019

Antonio Mohamed is happy. He says She tells her face. A wide and repeated smile. He proclaims himself as a truth that returns to his soul's club: "This is another thing, from all points of view: I feel very glad to see the Organization, protagonism, campus, infrastructure, such hurricane, it's a great rod, it's a big challenge …" next he says that he walks on foot bugle Howard Johnson hotel park in Ezeiza The conversation will begin soon. And he is ready. All of its surroundings are related to Hurricane. Cap, T-shirt, trousers, tights, tattoo skin, also with memories of those who travel in the spring of these days I Tete Quiróz and Walter De Felippe at the Buenos Aires station in Belgrano Sur; or what is the type of micro-roads that are unknown in the National Areas.

– This is another thing. It's like a gift from heaven …

Tony says, known from boyhood, who knows what he's doing with flipflops, as a professional's first professional, says Turkey, says coach, as Quemado says, says …

– And Mohamed is looking for footballer and Argentine footballer?

– Speaking is very difficult. I'm driving for a long time. I've never been to that place anymore. At the age of five. I think that Mohammed would meet older adults. Who enjoys it At work, I will be as passionate as ever …

-And about the game?

-I want to be a team to play in the field of competitors to identify with their history. We know the fans

– You have left the champion of three different teams in Mexico. It is not normal What does that mean?

– I know a lot about Mexican idiosyncrasy. And it was a place that was very nice. I want to win. And do not win love. This creates a pleasant commitment. And that's double. Half trip …

Hurricane mode somehow …

Exactly. I need this. I do not look at my gaze from my thigh. Maybe Celta happened to me, my last step in Spain.

– Tijuana says that you've changed the city. Vigo, have you changed?

-No. Never. I'm still the same. We want to change things. And they did not leave. He was never a chemist with leaders. The trainer was wrong. He thought about players and vendors. I wanted to make it with the star. We're echoing …

Antonio Mohamed, front of the camera Clarín, in the concentration of Hurricane Urakana. (Germán García Adrasti)

Antonio Mohamed, front of the camera Clarín, in the concentration of Hurricane Urakana. (Germán García Adrasti)

-What did you watch Argentinian soccer out of the game?

-My technicians who like me … I believe that today's technicians have improved. Coudet, Heinze, Gallardo, Twin (Guillermo Barros Schelotto) When Almirón returned, Beccacece … think and lose without thinking. But there are 26 groups … And I hope everyone plays. The Argentinian footballer can not defend himself.

– Will you try against Hurricane?

-I want to get better communication in football. I understand the only way to improve our football.

-But France has won the World Cup for its long cracks for long balls …

Yes But we did not throw the players. Our identity is something else. And we do not respect. Going to the World Cup and I do not know what we are doing. We went to the dancers and I do not know what to wear …

-What did you think of the Argentine World Cup?

-More …

– And who understands it as responsible?

-All. Leaders Players Technical body We totally fail. It was a pity We all finished watching TV as Messi saved us. And he had a backpack with him. And they did not help … It was a chronicle of the notification, as I read there. We did not know what we played.

-Print there is no project …

-It's logical. There is no idea Always urgent. Everyone wants to win yesterday.

– And how do you live with that?

-I do not always live. It is the situation to be used. Everyone wants to win. And they hire it.

Mohamed does not talk about talking again. But it seems to be renewed. It does not injure or scare from the last swings. Fast thinking Although this last detail, Boca Case …

-Mouth …

Yes They contacted me, but it did not happen. He decided to decide on Burdiss and went to the other side when choosing … When I felt that when I contacted me, I decided that the car was Alfaro.

– Do you worry about that situation?

– I'm hurricane now. And I'm very good.

"This opportunity was given to me by God: it is a heavenly gift"

"Hurricane was a gift from heaven, because it happened, it has been the subject of destiny," says Antonio Muñoz, who has gone to the swimming pool. I understand that the concentration of hurricane is new.

-Why did you say yes?

-But, he was born from me. Because it's my club. Because it's my other house. I think that this is what God gave me. I am here. Grateful

– When Gustavo Alfaro arrived he arrived. What do you think of his departure?

-I'm not even commented, I'm a coach. Everyone has the causes …

-What did you find?

-You have been with the club for five years. And with a fantastic group. And jewelry: although there were not many in the club, there is a nice sense of ownership.

– What are they?

-We are able to compete all the way forward. I took the hat off.

Turk has tattooed Faryd. It's not your thing anymore. He died in an accident in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Faryd has the Newbery Globe. He says: "I remember already with a smile. A little angel helps me."

-In your conversation, perhaps, when you are a grandfather, you can join this pain. Is Hurricane Title Like This?

-And yes … It would be soul.

– What was your best day hurricane fan?

– (thinks, smiles) And I think we were rising in 2014. That day I was a American Champion. Hurricane lost 1-0 and we won 4-1. I said: "For, I do not fuck … What was it, for sanctions". Paolo (Goltz) liked me too. We can not believe it. It was a double pleasure. Or triple. We won the Copa Argentina.

– How do you track hurricanes remotely?

-I have a device called Roku, like a USB device. And you see everything. I've always been waiting for Hurricane. Although he did not sleep. I have always followed.

-20 classic debut: how are you living?

– And desire to enjoy it. Above all: Enjoy here …

"Martino is an ideal Mexican technician"

Antonio Mohamed knows Mexican football in detail, although Mexico City has dizziness, so much swing. The account of Gerardo Martino arriving Tri. "Fortunately you can move around, this is not easy. It's a difficult position, it does not understand the person that says anything. Attack chair & # 39; to that place. If you go tomorrow, you will be obeyed. It's a difficult position. Until the end of the World Cup finals, the wheel will not end. The value is not given to the project. "

– How do you see it?

– I think that the ideal moment is a technician.

He was also very happy with the experience of Diego Maradona Dorados.

-I did not follow him well. How did you see it?

– It's very common to talk with her. I'm happy. And that pleasure is the key. Now it's more …

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