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Anything seems to be the norms of Conmebol rule – 2014/11/24


It was a great showcase between Boca and River Superfinal. It could have shown the best South American football, since the economic power of European soccer has always been delayed. Likewise, it was the only thing to save, there is, of course, a great image of the Libertadores 2018 edition. But not that too. The final chapter of the contest was a piece of paper.

Anyone you want to look at wherever you want.

At this point, what happens is that, despite the fact that fans of Boca and River are thinking of passion, it does not matter who the champion will be. The madness of the bars keeps everything clouding. The disaster of the security-responsible organizations also helps. But the Conmebol dome thought that this game was played, suffered by the injuries suffered by the visitor to the Boca Monument, after the violent attack on the campus was carried out. Unfortunately, nothing happens. Conmebol's rules governing land. And because everything is definitely worth it.

It was not for Liberators but for South America. There, to mention an example, after losing two San Lorenzo rounds against Deportivo Temuco. He admitted to entertain Argentine footballer Jonathan Requena, already in the list of good defense and justice before taking him to the Chilean club.

Therefore, he appeared in the middle of the comet, a software that informs the player of the situation in each of the competitions in the orbit of the organism. Requena could not have been an information system and, although it worked well, prevented the prevention. tables and trades will be greater or greater than in play. Requena was not the only episode. Carlos Sánchez, when the Independent benefitted, Santos was inadequate in using Santos to crash an old break. And the decisions of Boca and River to save them from the river Wanchope Ávila, Boca and Bruno Zuculini, were in the same state of Sánchez and they had to pay for interruptions in previous editions … However, minor details have already been played and their teams have never been punished.

We all thought that this was a piece of paper, this was the Superfinal. Conmebol's world can always be everything.

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