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Apple makes Google and Amazon viruses in CES 2019: "What's going on in your iPhone, stays on your iPhone" – 07/01/2019


A great Apple advertising can be seen this year at one of the major hotels Las Vegas, no CES 2019, the world's largest technological fair. "What's going on for iPhone during your iPhone?", he says, paraphrasing the most famous phrase about game capital, and at the same time giving a correct message about Google and Amazon's privacy.

Near Marriott Springhill Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), where the fair was held, attracted the attention of the public who participated for a number of reasons. For beginners Apple's campaigns are pretty nice minimalist They have little text.

Secondly, two google as Amazon Introduces new functions Google Assistant and Alexa, a personal assistant of the company Jeff Bezos. To provide these services, they need private information, as we have seen so far, is used for various purposes (as they are, they are always explained in the terms and conditions).

Finally, draw a train with advertising google go to the notification

It's not uncommon for Apple not to go to CES: Steve Jobs is a heavyweight company and creates forecasts and Hype. It's strange to make the "trolls" of the competition: it's not only that they want to go this year, but reminds them of how they use their data.

It is not in his privacy. It has been the company's flag and is not excluded from the sale of hardware and software that does not use personal data of its users.

What is an amazing competition node? And the phrases paraphrased in the film: "What happens in Las Vegas, it's in Las Vegas."

Next, Apple's privacy site address. If you have any queries and want to check the privacy policy of manzanita.

CES 2019 inauguration

Officially, the fair will open on Tuesday. However, from Monday, there will be talks. Nvidia is yours, for example, at the end of Sunday (time in Las Vegas).

At the fair, 4,500 exhibitors will participate in more than 250 conferences.

It is a consumer technology event the largest in the world.

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