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Apple may damage the anti-Huawei measures

The US president, Donald Trump, should pass the executive request to declare a national emergency to stop the use of telecommunications equipment manufactured by companies in the United States by Huawei and ZTE.

According to Reuters, the known source of sources said the executive, an executive who has been considered more than eight months, can be approved from January. In this case, the Department of Commerce would be forced to buy American telecommunication equipment manufacturers who are threatening to endanger the national security risks of the United States.

The United States believes that Huawei and ZTE companies work in Asian China and that their manufactured equipment could be used to spy on US citizens. Both companies have repeatedly denied these allegations.

US President Huawei has forbidden the use of telecommunication equipment by a US President, "It will be a major blow to China's fight against China," economists Daniel Ives said in financial services. and investment Wedbush Securities.

Experts have stressed that the equipment manufactured by ZTE and Huawei is cheaper, especially for midwest country operators.

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"If we take into account the operators that use Huawei or the ZTE manufacturer, the transition to new equipment will bring additional costs to some operators, which cost more than $ 1 million, so that this decree has actually become a serious problem for operators and perhaps consumers" said Ives Sputnik.

Economists believe that the United States's national security is a priority and the idea behind the alleged measure is not bad, we still do not know how to apply the decree.

"That's all good on paper, it's important from a national security point of view, but it's not clear how additional costs for operators will be developed." The main question is how to implement it and how it will be done. The government will help subsidize the transition to new equipment, "he said.

Ives believes that this problem should be taken care of, that it could affect the field operators and, ultimately, negotiations between China and the United States.

"China's Apple symmetrical reaction continues to be the main risk to many technological measures in the US, not just the same reaction, but also the effect of dominoes and how companies like Apple could impact." Ives pondered.

"With regard to China and the United States, it is very important to understand the consequences and to take into account that both companies and countries have a close relationship with technology," concluded Ives.

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