Thursday , September 23 2021

Apple patents should imitate future Chinese iPhones phone designs

The latest patent for Apple's tech giant has revealed that its future iPhones have had a resemblance to China's current smartphones. Today, Asian manufacturers like Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo have seen devices with variable color surface devices. With this new patent, Apple's imitation would be imitated.

Beyond technological face facial technology, the Cupertino have not succeeded in mobile innovation in the last two years. In the new finale, Apple works for iPhones, which includes a growing list of company-related charges to emulate device design trends.

Currently, Apple has decided to conserve mobile phones, but Chinese manufacturers have taken a different line of design, experimenting with micro and nanotechnology tools, smartphones, rainbow effects, monochrome finishes, etc. . Apple patents, & # 39; Surface completion & # 39; which shows a superficial surface area, similar to those of China.

Additionally, patent illustrations feature slots in the case of the phone, obtained through the CNC milling method. This means that Apple would change the clean and painted finish of its current devices, and the surfaces of the surfaces would change with sandblasting techniques.

In conclusion, we would not be surprised if you are considering taking a look at the design in this patent and using surfactant surface techniques. Huawei, OnePlus, Vivo, ZTE, among other Chinese companies, have achieved excellent results in recent years, so it would not be funny to find a way to improve Apple's position in the Asian market.

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