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Approved: Osirix-Rex reached Benny's dreaded asteroids – 12/03/2014


After a few moments of nervousness, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission control confirmed the encounters between space surgeons with the Asteroids Bennu, also known as the "asteroid of death." As it is rich in carbon, this heavy body can contain chemical pioneers in the ocean of life and the planet, which is why research on its surface is very important.

"We came to the finish line," a Cerisian telecommunications engine announced through the NASA transmission under the control of the Lockheed Martin Space mission. This is an important step in OSIRIS-REx's mission. Its purpose is to study a nearby Earth object and move the sample hooks to the Earth in 2023.

Mark Fisher, chief engineer of the OSIRIS-REx mission at Lockeed Martin Space in Colorado, said that the maneuver with the "flight accuracy regime will continue for the next year and a half" will take place in Bennu to get a map and know all about what we can know and Osirix-Rex to determine and return the best place to find an asteroid sample ".

Over the next few months, the boat will take a length of about five kilometers across the north pole, the equator and south pole. The main scientific objectives of this bill are to calculate the mass of Bennu, improve the rotational pattern of the asteroid model and create a global resolution resolution of 75 centimeters.

The purpose of the mission is to compile a rigid skin sample come back with him to the Earth. However, before doing all this, the ships He will allocate almost two years mapping the environment.

By July 2020, the surface of the ship will be briefly touched Bennu At least 60 grams (equivalent to about 30 sugar packs) to collect soil and rocks.

The spacecraft encloses the sample into the capsule and travels to the Earth, This capsule is dropped in the Western desert of Utah in 2023They will be waiting for the scientists to choose.

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