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ARA The man who has found San Juan speaks: "I hope to say that it happened to the sea" – 11/28/2018

The question goes from Cape Town to Houston, goes to the United States, as if it were a phone line. It was not possible to be through Skype or Facetime, and spoke with Oliver Plunkett, CEO of Ocean Infinity. du The largest discovery of the underwater diving in Argentina, ARA San Juan it responds with a strong British accent. He will not arrive in South Africa until he arrives at the Ship Constructor on Wednesdays or Thursday morning, but retains his seat. Then the answer comes back from afar. "The most difficult moment? Of course, in 45 or 50 days our mood was damaged. It was almost certain that the ship finally appeared, but we could not find it. It was a test and error and it did not appear. It was the hardest moment," says Plunkett. Congratulations, but he admits that the mission continues.

Only a few hours will be left on board the Ship Constructors to reach the port. Ocean Infinity continues to play a key role: Download all the material contained in ARA San Juan location and provide the latest details of the Argentine Government. Only then can the invoice be presented by the National Bank for seven million dollars. The data transfer operation will begin here on Wednesday after the South African download procedures.

There are four family members at the bottom of the beach. The Argentine Government and the gatherers were considered a condition in the search engine for victims' relatives.

Several times, the Navy took over the course instructors, who, according to their questions, thought they could find the boat. "It has been a sensible move," says Plunkett, "the board of four family members was very important. They saw everything and they know exactly how we work, what we did every day. They see how each one verified the information and how it was discarded. They learned that they first appeared. We commented on everything we did together with. That's why it was important that they traveled with us. "

The relationship with the Navy and the Government authorities took place. "Dialogue with the Defense Ministry, on the day of the visit to Comodoro Rivadavia, and then the direct and professional dialogue with the army, even if they cooperated with their vessels. It was a good relationship," he revealed.

The bet was 60 days. The finding was to be sought during the first phase. The information provided by all those who participated in the raking could not be explained in a different way: Nothing was left that could not be in the box, and the log of the hydrocarbon, anomaly, the implosion sound.

Ocean Infinity finds all the submarine ARA San Juan.

Ocean Infinity finds all the submarine ARA San Juan.

"We had 60 days valid, our estimates were submarine. We had great difficulties, strategy and risk reduction," says CEO.

Plunkett has not clarified the support of the Argentine Government. The next thing to do to transfer data is imaginable and then it will be seen. "We will now pass all the data. And then we must see if we need help to continue " Indicate. In the port, your company ship is waiting for the Argentine Government issuers to receive the material and coordinate shipping to Buenos Aires.

To stop or disassemble water, Plunkett continues to prefer. It is known that this debate is now about the history, but it does not question it because it is a specific issue.

A picture of the discovery of San Juan.

A picture of the discovery of San Juan.

"Our attitude," says the expert, "wants to clarify if the Argentine government is to take its conclusions and be prepared for us."

Plunkett did not see a picture, and that's why he's trying to speak it out. He knows that it is an important quantity and he thinks it can be believed. It's time to study this material. But the task is not the Ocean Infinite, but experts from the Navy. "Fortunately, we can say what happened," says Plunkett.

And finally, with the austerity that characterizes, there is a last commented book for relatives. "We know that It's important to them. We help you understand what happened. ", The man closes the discovery of the San Juan discovery.

Ask for patience His ship is approaching the South African land. And he admits that this story has not yet ended. Right now, a stage that leads to the truth has begun.

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