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ARA The ship found in San Juan arrived in South Africa and the judge will receive 67,000 submarine images on Tuesday

The hydrographic mapping of the footsteps of the "ARA" sea of ​​San Juan has taken 67,000 photographs. It will be Tuesday night, The federal court Caleta Olivia, Marta YañezIn Ezeiza, there is material from the international airport. Hopefully, these images will explain what happened to 44 crew.

The boat Depth BuilderThe Norwegian ship was the star of the bottom discovery, Arrived this morning in the port of Cape TownAfter searching for more than 80 days. In the first hours, crew members of the submarine crew that participated in the crew and four relatives received the command of the South African government, the captain of the ship Gonzalo Hernán Prieto, and the consuls of Johannesburg, Pablo Graziano.

Government officials collaborate in the logistic support and support download process 67 thousand images and video submarines. The registration will be under the supervision of Yañez judge on Tuesday, as officially reported.

du A copy of the external units was started after South Africa's amortization. The material, expedition record and Ocean Infinity reports are owned by the Argentine State and provide essential information on the underwater destination after 907 meters deep in international waters.

The work reconstruction work is carried out by Judge Yañez, who processes the file he is looking for Specify the responsibilities of the specification and then sink

For this task, the magistrate will not have any material related to the discovery, but also Every batch meter will be available It includes images of more than 22,000 square kilometers of exploration.

When tests arrive in the country, there will be limited access to images. Request for relatives, Navy communication protocol is in effect. Protecting sensitive information is the goal.

Material Will travel through a Qatar Airways flightDoha city stop. The three Navy observers (two underwater officers and hydraulics) that were on top of Captain Moneta Prieto and Ocean Infinity. However, the submarine breeders initiated by the Coastal Constructors will also return this contingent: Luis Tagliapietra, Silvina Krawczyk, José Luis Castillo and Fernando Arjona.

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