Wednesday , October 20 2021

Araceli Gonzalez: "At five years old, a man extended me some time ago"


Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Cichero / AFV

Complaint Authorization

Thelma Fardin


Juan Darthes

She inspired many other women to tell her painful experiences. On Saturday night,

Araceli González

He decided to open his heart during his participation
PH: we can talk He denounced the abuse he suffered at the age of five.

"I am surprised by the number of creatures that happen, because Thelma is a spectacular face, but because there is a large part that is invisible." This reminded me of a time in my life, at the age of five, and a man extended me some time. I said something I had hidden for many years and I said it was as adult, it was completely blocked after ten years after therapy, "he said, impressed by the guests.

The actress gathered strength to tell how horrible she was. "I was a bricklayer, I was four or five years old, I remember my little skirts in square, I remember when I threw my panties, I remember the whole process, but I do not remember it until now, I do not know how far it was. Several times and a great man It was more than 50 years old, "he remembered. "I lived with my mother and dad, but I lived near my aunt's house, I never wore clothes, it was difficult, and it was difficult for my mother to tell me about my adult mother ten years ago."

"The issue is discussed, the study is analyzed, which is analyzed in many sectors of my life, I do not know if I am a woman, I do not place my mother any more and put me in another place, but this led me to correct it again," said the last day kexuei "Today, I talked with my husband, I would touch something again, because I'm seeing something that has blocked my brain, I do not know what happened to me."

As a result of this procession, Araceli always had a very active daughter. "I was very careful about Florencia," he admitted.

"This is a historical moment, you do not have the band or what you think, women are only for everyone, I think it's a great moment to talk, to get better places and report them," he reflected. Before making comments about Darthés's complaint. "It was a whisper, I know Juan, I think about his children, I think about the creature and what happened, it was a shock."

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