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Araceli González: "I would not work on the polka again"

Interview with Catalina Dlugi on La Once Ten / Radio de la Ciudad, Araceli González He talked about the promise not to return to work Pol-Ka, the producer Adrián Suar, your oldest son and dad.

In June 2017, they sent WhatsApp's audio to Polka ka producers, where Araceli heard about the treatment they had received over the recordings Rich did not ask for permission.

"I think it is very difficult to face the fifteen-day scenes in the novel. The only thing I'm asking is to review it, because I also look at the novel and I do not have fifteen scenes per chapter," he said. In another, he was stronger, he said: "No one can keep up the pace for a few months with pressure and Ortho Pija. Sometimes I can not lose weight. This is a Military Service. Actually, I never experience the same thing. "

In conversation with Catalina Dlugi, he asked if he worked with Pol-ka, Araceli said: "I would not work for Pol-Ka any more, no more. And I am not evil, I amor I do not thank the producer anymoreI participated in a moment, although it was an increase, but I did not own it. "

Then he explained: "I was part of the performance, because it was a nice place, At that time he was the producer of the television quality in Argentina. It can be said, because it was wonderful. (Adrian) Suar changed television in ArgentinaIt's part of his history, "he said without a lie.

After asking his decision, he said: "I did not go back because I did not have the best experience, the output of this audio did not feel safe and comfortable, as it was a mix of production. I will always leave the comfort of myself, I would go against what I want, now I have my own production company, it's not easy but I hope it's going well. "

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