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Araceli Gonzalez revealed a passage of sexual abuse: "At five years old, a man loved me" – 12/16/2018


Araceli González He surprised everyone on Saturday in the We Can Speak program, director of Andy Kusnetzoff, revealing A passage from sexual abuse to his childhood.

The actor said the accusation Thelma Fardin For violation Juan Darthés She reminded her of darkness in her life. "At the age of five, an adult man has long extended me"he admitted.

"It's something I've hidden all my life and the adult told me after I had done my therapy for 10 years, I blocked it completely," Gonzalez says.

In addition, the actress gave surprising details of this experience. "I was a bricklayer, I was 4 or 5 years old. I remember my little girls in small squares, I recalled my panties …"he said.

"I remember the whole process and at one point I did not remember anymore. And I do not know how far that was"he added.

Araceli González also recalled that he was a great man for more than 50 years There was a repeat of the "various" abuse.

"She was next to my aunt's house, I never wore any clothes, as every moment reminds me," he said.

The actor assures us that the topic is "speaking, therapy and in many sectors of my life", but nevertheless, "My brain is something that has blocked".

"I do not like a piece I've deleted, I do not remember a part, and now I started thinking about Thelma, he thinks me, thinking a lot of women," he said excitedly.

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