Wednesday , January 27 2021

Are the holidays going to Patagonia? Recommendations to avoid Hantavirus cases

Six people were killed and fifty-fifty at Epuyen in Chubut Rodents transmitting Hantaviruses, a warning on the whole country was triggered, especially those selected Holidays in Patagonia.

That's why, Recommendations are very important in terms of prevention, as it can spread the virus from one person to another, as well as breathing secrets, not just in contact with the mouse.

mice | Photo: AFP

Among the advice provided by Mendoza Epidemiology Management, Visit open or closed spaces, such as sheds, orchards or pastures, contaminated stomach feces or urine. Additionally, when infected rodents touch or die.

But, anyway An infected person may have a close relationship with people during the first days of symptom transmission through airway, Insulation is recommended until the stage is over. That is why there are about 50 people in Chubut's quarantine.

Among the symptoms, which They see it as a condition of the flu, fever, muscular voice, coldness, headache (headache), nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and diarrhea.

After a few days, it can be a breathing disorder "Cardiopulmonary syndrome due to hantavirus "It can lead to death if the person is not hospitalized.

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