Monday , January 24 2022

Argentina ranked 26th among the major economies


According to MFN, the GDP was reduced to $ 475,000 million due to recession and devaluation. This year, the body expects a fall of 1.6% in the economy.

The contraction of Argentine activity last year, when the devaluation of the domestic currency was depleted, it fell in the ranking of the most important economic countries in the world.

In 2017, the GDP had a year-to-year increase of 2.9% the dollar was very slow in terms of inflation, the currency increased by 17%, the average price increase increased by 24.8%.

As a result of these factors, the GDP of Argentina was estimated at 637,557 million dollars in that year, Argentina's 21th largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Outlook of the World Economy (World Economic Outlook) in October, according to Infobae.

Last year, the phenomenon was the opposite: While inflation is approaching more than 45% every year, the wholesale dollar value rises by 102%.

Two factors It measured the Argentine GDP in US dollars, and the FMI was 475,429 million dollars, 25.4% less than the previous year or 168,128 million., although local economies estimate that the contraction of the product fell by 3% in 2018.

Among the large economics groups, there were few drops in the GDP of the United States and in proportion to Argentina.

Turkey stands out, with a loss of $ 1,38 billion a year, 16.2%. The Asian country also has a strong capital output, with a 28% amortization rate in the country due to the large deficit in its current account.

Likewise, in dollars, it fell by 7% in the GDP of Brazil of 455,757 million dollars, mainly due to a 14.5% decrease in the previous year, Indonesia (-1%), Iran (-0.1%) and Russia (-0.1%).

Last year Argentina surpassed the productivity of Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Thailand, with GDP of 600,000 and 420,000 million dollars.

Until 2019 The IMF calculates that 1.6% of Argentine economic activity will slow down, falling into four international positions in international rankings, in position 30, with a GDP of 408,030 million dollars, which exceeded Austria (469,661 million), Norway (464,463 million dollars). ), The United Arab Emirates ($ 455.587 million in US $) and Nigeria (US $ 447,013 million).

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