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Argentinian lighting 2018: The last round of knockouts included the anthem of the reporter


Friday evening marked the end of the knockouts

Argentinian voice

, and six other participants once again fought. Jury formed

Tini Stoessel


Ricardo Montaner





The singers who came into the final instance of reality were defined.

In the first match, Lucas Domínguez sang "Versace on the Ground" against Sofía Petros, "Diamonds". During his return, Axel congratulated and said that personal sentiments and subjective angles, which Lucas liked a bit more, but privileged voices. Ricardo thought that "interpretation levels" were very specific, but Sofia was more precise in its intonation. Soledad could not have any limitations and said she had a "substitute voice", but stressed that "they were very good, but could not go a bit longer." In the end, Tini, the chosen managers, congratulated them, but agreed with Bakar "we needed something, maybe nervous," and Lucas thought.

The second confrontation was the star of two great pieces of national rock. On the one hand, Alejandro Escobar won "Winners", and Diego Iturbid chose a classic La Renga: "El revelde". During the reversal, Sole stressed that "it was more comfortable than one" and said that Alejandro had a great deal of versatility and was with him.

In the last round, two members of the Montaner group were found. On the one hand, Paula Torres presented "Greates Love of All", her rival, Manuela Bas, "I can not turn my eyes off". Again the jury divided the eyes of the singer's talent, but choosing, Montaner continued Paula.

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