Sunday , January 17 2021

Arrato neighborhood alert in the yard of a house in El Mondón

In the last hours, the case of a group of neighbors in the neighborhood of El Mondongo was reported to be the presence of rodents in the yard of a neighbor, whose house is located in the 63's, between 1 and 115. They live together for two years. feel the situation and "at risk of health."

Clara Becerra, one of the affected, said: "The police and the SAME have already arrived, but we need a search order to clean the house." He added: "We are afraid of everyone's health with the apple."

Disappointment, Clara asked: "It increases the risk of damage, authorities must accelerate before the worst happens."

After the expansion of the patio image, when other internal ones are added, the problem magnitude is accounted for.

The City Council gave recommendations

The City of La Plata entered into the Preventive Campaign Against the Hantavirus Campaign, which is why it has given recommendations and measures to control rodents. In addition, it is reported that city residents can free Cebo for free, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at local Zoonoses Management, numbers 52 and 120.

Hantavirus prevention recommendations

After asserting Hantavirus cases The different sections of the country, the Municipal Health Secretary, reviewed the main symptoms of viral diseases and recommendations by viruses, saliva, feces and urine produced by mice.

In this regard, the Secretary of Health, Germán Niedfeld, explained that "airborne infected contaminated air can infect viruses where they could infect the virus." The particles that dry in acid and urine are combined with dust and dust. They are transported in the air and can also be transmitted directly to bite or direct or dead rodent contact. "

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, it is recommended from the Municipal Health Area:

– Keep the house clean

– Inside and outside your home with a lock and extension of more than 0.5 cm

– Leave your garbage well closed and resistant containers

– Keep the herb short

– Do not let the containers get water or pet food at rodents

– Do not put wood or gardening in more than 30 meters at home

At the same time, he noticed the rural areas:

– Ventilate 30 minutes before entering the enclosed spaces

– After venting, steam and surfaces with water and a bleach

– Keep food and water in the reach of rodents

– Seal and deratize farm and warehouses

– Bodegas must be ventilated without daily orders and waste materials

People in the outskirts should consider:

– Use the tent to put it in, close it and no hole

– Choose clean and free shrubs and grassland sites

-Submit garbage in closed containers (if necessary, empty it)

– Drink only drinking water (drink, boiled, canned or disinfected)

– Strong and closed containers for food storage

– Do not collect or eat wild

– Do not let the pots or tools available to the wheels

– Walk authorized trails only

On the other hand, the specialists explained that they should use a mask and gloves to remove a dead mouse, previously placed in a dump and placed in a bag and buried in a depth of 50 cm.

Like Hantavirus symptoms, Niedfeld's "flu condition, fever, muscle pain, headaches, nausea, coldness, vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases, abdominal pain or abdominal pain." Backbone.

"Also, within a few days, the Hantovirus Cardiology Syndrome could be considered as a respiratory distress, which, although rare, may lead to death without immediate treatment," said the secretary. local health

In the end, when the symptoms are feverish, it is recommended:

– Consult your doctor

– Avoid matching concerts and avoiding public places

– If you need to leave your home, do it with chinstrap

– Avoid close contact with coexistence

– Wash your hands often with soap and water

– Ventilate all the rooms of the house

– Make iron cleaning with bleach repair

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