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Arrecifes has been suicide for the last 104 years – 20/12/2014


Wednesday was a day for Arrecifes, with the usual pace of the day. But the news that overtook the entire city in the afternoon came. Deceased Orlando Lizzi, who was 104 years old as a rider, made a suicide.

According to Raul Gattelet, journalist Arrecifes, Orlando has a history of motorcycling, easy access to the Guinness World Record.. Parchment was born, but in 1937 Arrecifes quickly took it. He made a bicycle until he was 100 years old, read it without a glass, and the Auto Union of 1000 S saw it under the streets of the city and under the Costanera Circuit. He had a close relationship with luxury cars like Palma.

The young man was a cyclist, but he joined the motorcycle world, Angel Lo Valvo, the first Professional Tourism Champion and Cástulo Hortal, Julio Pérez and Osvaldo Bracco, among others, thanks to his friendship with the riders. In 1959, Carretera Carretera competed with his Dean, but it was not included in the park (only 50 seasons included).



Shortly afterwards, along with José María Pozzi and Roberto Sales, he bought a second Ford TC coupe. "We needed to pay for the shoebox sleeper money," Lizzi recalled 2011 Raul Gattelet, 2011 journalist. Finally, he undertook the 1st Tour of Arrecifes and the experience was not over. It was a good result, canceled and sale of the car with Juan Antonio Machado, with San Antonio de Areco.



Finally, two years later, Lizzi debuted the Santa Fe Vuelta Tourism improvement with Auto Union 1000 S. Its location was the best in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, in Santa Fe. He used the same car for his special activities, and, as usual, he assisted without help. That's why I always made a half-block of the caravan to return to Arrecifes when the engine is interrupted.

In his last years, he has worked with his DKW in the Standard Historical category. Known throughout Arrecifes, he repeatedly decorated the city and won the love of children and adults throughout his life.

He found the feeling of loneliness for the last time before his friends came up with the most irresistible outings. That was the frustration that was added, because there was no desire for his greatest passion: driving. His final decision was a tragic shock to the heart and you can breathe the feeling of the people around the world for 24 hours a day.

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