Wednesday , October 27 2021

Arsenal wants to hire a Boca Juniors star


Certainly the victory Boca Juniors in front River Plate end Copa Libertadores de Amrica leave sequences As it is said, Xeneize fans are supposed to be a part of the team that won the eight rounds of attempts by players participating in the Superclassic fans. After winning the next round, La Ribera fans won the seventh Libertadores.

It is one of them Cristian Pavn, he was always criticized for not appearing in the rebellion against the Millionaire. According to British newspaper writers, The Arsenal of England It will be ready to offer 40 million pounds with a 22-year-old attacker. Despite the incredible image of Argentine football, the amount will not be enough: the provisional clause of Kichan is 50 million euros. However, this is believed Daniel Angelici (Boca President) will sell for this amount.

The publication mentioned earlier argues that Pavn says that it is one of the greatest desires Unai Emery. Gunners coach must buy gold and gold box striker. The Spanish technical director played in Cristian (he watched the 2018 World Cup in Russia and Xeneize in many jumble dresses).

The transfer will not occur in the January transfer market. The leadership of Arsenal does not look bad with this operation because they have the ability to hire and retrieve young people who are attracting the dome attraction. Kichan meets all the requirements, so the English team leader will be required to send a formal offer to Boca Juniors.

A few months ago, according to the representative of Pavn, after playing for the Libertadores de Amrica court, Cristian analyzed proposals for emigrating abroad. After falling to the end of the international event, the extreme will not be a bad change in the air, without losing a lot of time in Madrid.

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