Wednesday , September 28 2022

Artificial Intelligence Applying Instagram's thousands of photos to predict the flu epidemic in Instagram


It is looking for a new range of techniques or medicine that are pre-eminently affected by scientific knowledge and technological applications. Two Finnish researchers published a study using a system artificial intelligence and images taken from Instagram, anticipating the epidemic of influenza before or after two weeks and achieving accuracy of more than 90%.

More research has been done 22 thousand flu in Finland In the last five years they have posted messages posted on the social network Instagram.

Finnish scientists specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence published Miikka Ermes and Oguzhan Gencoglu in Cornell University of North America. Comparing her hawks (labels) with photos of influenza, fever, headaches, and lymphatic medicines, Instagram, tea lemons and thermometers.

Once the information was added, that happened The epidemic of influenza on the summit The coincidence obtained by the algorithm is 96%, a week before 90%, and 86% in two weeks.

To verify the artificial intelligence algorithm If there are two relationships between databases, the text and the other one that is complemented with images, when people still feel bad, they continue to publish in social networks, in this case Instagram.

It has a European country long tradition of health system Very technical in its database.

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