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As a result of the rise in prices, gasoline sales dropped by 3.5% in January

Fuel was sold in January 3.5% fall In relation to the same period of 2018, it lost fifth consecutive games, according to the private report. Last year, gasoline grew by 56%.

"As is happening for several months, the increase in super petrol consumption does not offset the sharp decline in premiums in January 2019 26%"said the Argentinian Hydrocarbon and Commercial Association Confederation (CECHA).

In the report, the Chamber of Commerce "migrating a portion of the demand for quality and lower cost consumer demand in the sector was the characteristics of the analysis in 2018".

Thus, it is a fifth consecutive month in January 20% premium for the sale of naphthalene, while the surplus had a 5% increase. "2018 was closed with a negative balance and consumption increased in the first quarter, the second of the slowdown and the third of the delay, with 2019 data, starts with the same trend," said CECHA.

Following the business startup of the main fuel companies of the country, prices fell in January, following the relative relaxation of the exchange rate and the international value of oil, in February, the same companies reaffirmed and re-applied this decision.

First of all, its price was notable for Shell, which decided to increase 2.09%. on average, in service stations throughout the country. Super, the most consumed in its pump, is worth the beginning of February $ 38.52 liter.

Just a short time ago, YPF continued this path, with its largest presence in the market, with an increase of 1.6%, especially for all products. Values ​​are set super liter, $ 37.62; Infinia (first) $ 43.40; Gasoline D500, $ 35.18; and the premium Diesel, $ 41.18. Axion finally applied a 1.6% increase super lit $ 38,12an.

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