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Assign Daniel Scioli's author for details on cleaning and luxury travel – 02/27/2013

Gisela Berger, former fellow Daniel Scioli, demonstrated before Justice justice in the case of a case governed by former governor. allegedly laundering money, gave us luxurious details about travel and noticed that he could not justify expense. In the manner predicted by Clarín, he declared the model on Wednesday, before the prosecution Álvaro Garganta. After Elisa Carrió's order, in which case he is a complainant. He published some Bergger tweets, which raised suspicions about the usual governor's house. "Daniel Scioli says that he will go to the army … while the people are starving. Lie on holidays in Courcevel, France. Where's the money in the country?", He wrote on his vacation with a picture of former European Governor.

The prosecution, after consulting this journal, Berger doubted that Sciolo had justified his expenses for these trips. "It's simple, I think you can not afford it," he said. He added: "Why, if you do not show your knees in other places, why should I cover myself and not be shown?"

Berger said that when he was in the French Alps, he sought to conceal Sciolo. "I was tired of the requests made We cover glasses with caps, Everyone is a very famous place, where there are many celebrities, there are many photographers. And I did not understand why they asked me they covered me again and again "they asked How did Sciolo pay and he used the money, to express the use of black money. "I never liked it, but they may be both," he said.

Berger also said everything Trips to Europe were pleasurable and not for medical reasons, the former governor argued: "I never helped because it was a relationship with the arm's eye, we never cured the arm, we always went on holiday."

Berger arrived at the 10th in the disputes of Platenses, and entered into the side doors. He left at the age of 11 with his lawyer. Justice justifies knowing everything that Sicoli knows about bad luck. As a witness, I had to tell the truth.

In the statement, it is confirmed that Scioli is separated and lasted until January 9. He said he was married and did not have any court judiciary about Francesca, about 1 year old daughter's daughter.

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Gisela Berger's tweet released a scandal.

Gisela Berger's tweet released a scandal.

Berger was first mentioned on February 15, but the model argued that he had personal commitments and this date changed on Wednesday. In the center, Scioli's defense opposed, but was unsuccessful. Carrió commented that "because it clarifies the doubts, it can be responsible for the information related to the facts that are discussed in this case and that it deserves its urgent statement."

It appeared to be cleared in one of the ramifications of this file in this case during the election campaign the governor made In 2015, he was president of Kirchner. These proselytizing trips would be credited with State funds, creating a crime.

When Daniel Scioli and Gisela Berger celebrated their first daughter Francesca's birthday. They are currently separated.

When Daniel Scioli and Gisela Berger celebrated their first daughter Francesca's birthday. They are currently separated.

In July 2015, Scioli went to Cuba with Berger in the midst of the election campaign. The former government traveled to the island to obtain a tone of proselytism in front of the deceased Fidel Castrillo. Scioli model got on the plane Although at that time Karina Rabat came in formally.

According to a migration report on the file, they pass as part of the crew, including riders and curators, to stimulate suspicion. This is proved in this case The cost of the flight is $ 1,460,065 and paid by the province of Buenos Aires.

The information also contributed to these walks. He confirmed, and the flights were around Shangoli. Julián Colombo and Secretary Lautaro Mauro, pilot Gustavo Carmona and former driver Luis Alberto "Chiche" Peluso. These last two are investigating the case of the whiteness that follows the former governor

Some part of Scioli's file was sent to the oral procedure and it is expected that there will be a date to be tested. Due to the irregularities of the provincial public works.


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