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At age 4 and the flu complication his brain was very serious

Andre Carson-i Flu was common March 2017 However, when his mother woke up on Tuesday, when he was given medication, he found difficulties and difficulties to alleviate. Immediately, the woman called him an ambulance and penetrated.

He spent 11 days in intense care and found out what had happened to him: Its complex situation was more difficult to encefalomielopaths. ANE (English acronym) is a rare disease due to brain damage, especially after a severe infection caused by viral infections, according to United States Genetic and Rootic Disease Information Center. .

This country's National Library of Medical Sciences states that Up to now, only 59 cases of ANE have been documentedThe third was not survived. Fortunately, this is not happening with Andre. It was very good at that time.

Andre and his mother today.
Andre and his mother today.

"Andre was very active and kind, he became ill at the pre-school level. I was taken to the doctor in the throat, fever, diarrhea and cold"She remembered her mother, Kamareia Parrish." The CT study revealed brain lesions and found that they had discovered H1N1 viruses. "The injury continued to grow and he suffered a lot of damage to the left side of the brain.

"When he left the therapy, he was breathing himself, I expected again. When he opened his eyes, he did not answer, it was like a plantParrishe explained: After a two-month rehabilitation, this small boy in California (United States) started to voluntarily move around with his limbs and eyes.

Over the last year, only one person He is taking his first steps with a walker and tries to say a few words. It continues to mobilize on a wheelchair and communicates through an electronic device. His mother, at the age of 29, took care of him for a long time and said he would not know the damage caused by the flu.

"I was surprised I could get it, the vaccine was a different strain, I was annoyed by myself, because I did not take it to the hospital but the doctor explained that it was not what happened to me," he admitted. "The vaccine is very important. Perhaps if you want to avoid immunizing the affected person or taking measures, this would not happen, "he concluded.

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