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At age 45 he had cancer but he thought he was pregnant

Janie Furner was surprised to see the doctor. That's it She persuaded her to diagnose ovarian cancer, but instead she was told she was pregnant for 17 weeks. The 45-year-old woman is already a 20-year-old daughter and was shocked at what happened.

Horner suffered full life Political objection syndromeAmong the complications, hormonal imbalance includes infertility, spontaneous abortions or early birth and endometrial cancer. Mia, her first daughter, had a lot of complications, and then relinquished herself again.

Whole family
Whole family

But in April he noticed that nausea was great and convinced that he had a bite. "My symptoms were on the Internet and everything was cancer of the obario. My back was pained, I often went to the toilet, and I did not eat it. Having seen now, it was very obvious that she was pregnant but this year I had only two periods and I was not very fertile, so I did not go through my mind, "he explained to the outside media.

To that end, Furner repeatedly turned the doctor He went into the office "afraid of the worst. I did not even tell my husband. "The specialists sent an ultrasound and, a week later, they indicated what happened to them: he had no cancer, he was almost pregnant.

"I was surprised, Gary was waiting outside and, for being a prankster, the nurse told her, when she came to the better, she said" I thought she was pregnant. " We left the office like two zombies"Recognize the woman.

He was ready to start a new stage in his life: The Mia institute began and they had a holiday in Greece. In a few months, they had to look at their reality with the steps, to weep and cry.

Oliver, newborn.
Oliver, newborn.

"I forgot the fatigue that a newborn brings. I returned to the night nights, changing diaper and breastfeeding constantly. I never thought that my year will change radically, "added the woman from Essex (United Kingdom), Oliver was born in October.

After the surprise of the news, they met with the idea of ​​the new member of the family and they were delighted. "Ollie could not have come better. It's our Christmas wonders, "said the father.

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