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At the time, Kevin Spacey receives a lawsuit alleging a lawyer


The disillusioned movie and television star Nantucket appeared before the court in response to the sexual assault manager. Next listening Kevin Spacey, accused 18-year-old boy is attacking and attacking sex in 2016 in a bar Nantucket (Massachusetts), will be held on March 4, the people in charge of the trial will announce today.

Upon request of the prosecution, the judges Thomas Barrett The actor was away does not "directly or indirectly" notify "the accuser or his family". He also stated in the development of the process Another crime should be sent to jail 90 days without bond.

March 4th Spacey will not appear in the listening, a judge issued by the solicitors' lawyer's request. Alan Jackson will have his defense.

The judge also agreed to a lawyer request Data for the cell phone and a third-party care center for the victim, within six months of suspected aggression. Spacey's lawyer has said the data "probably exculpatory" for his defense.

When Spacey and his lawyer left the courts, many journalists were waiting for him.

Legislative documents filed by lawyer in December in the court of the district, the courts would not accept blame.

The case of sexual assault comes until July 8, 2016, a Club Car server, a Nantucket bar, She suffered sexual assault from the famous actor.

According to a youth complaint, he said he was of age, at the age of 23., and spoke in a pleasant way with Spacey.

The server told Spacey the local police He bought alcoholic beverages (The minimum age for drinking alcohol is 21 years old), he talked about the size of his pen, and once again he stressed that the young man went home.

Later, Spacey thinks The servant's thighs had been wrinkled for 18 years and disconnected his pants, rubbing his penis for three minutes, according to the accusation.

The young man recorded a portion of alleged sexuality in the social network Snapchat and sent his video clip to his girlfriend, verified by the authorities.

Winner of the Oscars Common suspect (1995) and American Beauty (1999) and was one of the best performers of his generation, Spacey's career has collapsed due to the severity of the accusations against himThey are aware of dozens of sexual harassment and abuse.

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