Monday , October 25 2021

At the weekend, 8 new salmonella cases were reported in Salta


In the In the last four months, 38 Salteñas salmonella were diagnosed, confirmed in the last 8 days. This was the Epidemiology Coordinator, Griselda Rangeón.

"Since September, the province has received notifications from public health establishments, we have had 30 cases on Friday, from September to September. We added 8 more cases this weekend," he said. Professional FM

In that regard, he stated The samples were taken last week in patients and positive positives of San Lorenzo, Campo Quijano, Cerrillos, Moldes and Capital salmonella paratyphi.

"It's a bacterium that causes one Headaches, flexibility, and appetite, to add a fever of more than 39º, that is, they will be persistentIn general, this is more than 36 hours It can help with diarrhea or vomiting. We told these patients, to go diarrhea and this is salmonella food-relatedHe explained.

Also, Excludes bacteria in the water, in some cases it is not concentrated in a single place. "In general, the presence of salmonella is linked to the intake of food, if there are no appropriate preventive measures or we are not sure," he said.

To avoid this, the doctor Proper hygiene is recommended during the meal, it is not necessary to clean eggs in the refrigerator, but only during cooking (salmonella skin), avoiding food consumption or having a dry egg, chop meat and vegetables on the same table.

"Another thing is important Cooking food well, totally in number 71They also need to cook red meat well In order to dissolve food in the refrigerator and for that reason we can not recover it, we can not prepare more than an hour at room temperature, especially during the summer, "he said.

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