Thursday , August 5 2021

Attention users: there will be a shutdown of the bus from Tuesday morning

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The retention of unemployment in transport is total

Most of the transport units are headed by CATT, and the workers said at the time They will hold meetings at work places.

In this regard, although CATT clarified that it would end in 7 sections, The service is expected to work with the usual frequency from 10 onwards.

They are among the trade-offs that go by UTA collectives, Machinists of La Fraternidad trains, truck drivers, aircrafts, dredging and beacons, guincheros and rail signals..

However, taxes could be, as the Federation of the sector led by Jose Ibarra did not match CATT. No one but a member Will be accepted at the Peones de Taxis and Railway Union of Omar Viviani.

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