Monday , October 18 2021

Axion Oil Company inaugurates the first electric car charger


The customer arrives, is connected and is loaded. Like the phone, but with the car; electric car, of course. Axion Energy, a Bulgheroni family oil company, was the first place to offer electric power electric cars today..

The first electric car charger is Liberator and Salguero, a company operating in the streets of Buenos Aires, and thanks to the help of a company that owns Enel X Edesur, the charger offers electric.

At this time, it requires free recharge cars and the delay depends on each car. The first charge reached Renault Kangoo, a 100% single-country electric model sold in the country (Mercedes Benz sells GLC 350e, a hybrid plugin, and Nissan announces its success Leaf is coming next year). For Kangoo, a 35-kilometer autonomy is approximately one hour of charging.

"Argentina needs a network of charging stations to meet future consumer demand for electric vehicles"she assured her Marcelo Figueroa, Executive Director of Axion Business Development. "We are committed to the implementation and development of electric mobility, and we offer a lot of benefits to installing in the city's nerve center, a charger for electric vehicles," he said.

The company commits itself to install one of these chargers in its station network, continues to send fuel to normal. In this case, it offers 22kg of cotton and has a height of 1.20 meters and 30 centimeters on each side.

Francisco Scroffa, The Argentinean Enel X said: "This alliance is another step in Argentina to open the market for electric mobility, a revolution in the whole world and leading Enel."

According to Axion, the commitment to sustainable and electric mobility is being promoted throughout the world. An International Energy Agency (IEA) study mentions that these cars would have at least 40% of 2040 private sales.

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