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Back to the approaches | Who's new …


Gustavo Lopetegui, representing Javier Iguacel as Energy Secretary, at the beginning of the Cambiemos government, was in charge of the office of the Office of the Public Policy Coordination Secretariat, but was the president of the last cabinet as a consultant. Now, Iguacel returns in a disturbing environment that lasted six months.

Lopetegui is a Public Accountant, a Bachelor of Business Administration, a University of Argentina and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Navarra. They paint the government as a sharp and low technical profile. In 2004, he was Minister of Production in Buenos Aires under the leadership of Felipe Solá, and also held the Province of Banco Provincia. Together with Mario Quintana, he created the Eki supermarket chain and, since 2013, he has taken part in the Pensar Foundation, the hard core of the makrismo. He founded Pampa Cheese Milk Company and worked in consultancy in McKinsey in Spain, the United States, Brazil and Argentina.

Before the beginning of the government of Cambiemos, Lopetegui left the CEO of LAN Argentina. In December 2009, Rosario Altgelt replaced the company at the service of its main company, Chile. At that time, "one of the best economic groups in the last 50 years" became one of the coordinators, as Macri defined the first scheme of supporters, such as Alfonso Prat-Gay, Juan José Aranguren, Guillermo Dietrich, Luis Caputo, Federico Sturzenegger and Rogelio Frigerio. Lopetegui also had an influence on Aerolineas Argentinas and led by Isela Constantini.

In 2017, when Lopetegui Quintana and Marcos Peña met, Prat-Gay, Constantini and Carlos Melconian were expelled at the Banco Nación. In the middle of the year, the trio that was prescribed at that time economic policy cited the "ministry spending cuts" of the following year. In spite of this, the 2018 exchange and economic compression limited its power in September, when Nicolas Dujovne, the Minister of the Treasury, took over the realm of economy cabinets and displaced Lopetegui and Quintana to reduce Peña's public exhibition. Now, gradually, Lopetegui returns to the scene.

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