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Banks increased by 8% and Merval achieved a 6-week-high increase

In the midst of portfolio adjustments that close the positions of the year, the foreign exchange market and the Merval index (BYMA) reached 29,519.37 units.

They are among the most important daily increases Superville Group (+ 8%); French Bank (+ 7.3%); and Banco Macro (+ 6.8%).

In addition to local market recovery, daily news was the regulation of tax-related changes, that is to say, income tax, fixed assets, bonds and common funds. others.

Measure created annoying Between investors and market agents, who have resigned Taxation of residents of the country.

"The tax on financial income was not happy, despite the moderate recourse to the loss of bonds against mandatory interest, and the settlement is difficult," he said. It reflects a market agent.

Keep in mind that they will pay Dicks from 5% to 5% (in local assets) and 15% (nominated in foreign exchange clauses with foreign exchange clauses) Profits earned in 2018 and $ 66,917.

On Wall Street, the day was very volatile, the day after the start of the negative situation, but the positive Dow Jones ended, the analyst Mauro Morelli described.

The end of the year's wheel for the local market, the Merval fight is not negative at all (by 2018), until it fell to 1.7% on Thursday.

The risk of sovereign bonds and countries

In the fixed income segment, the major sovereign bonds (pesos) were ended with profits. Bonar increased by 2024% by 0.8%; Bonar 2020 increased by 0.5%; and Argentina has risen to 2027%.

However, The risk of Argentina's country, measured by bank JP.Morgan, do not loosen and Increased by 2.1% and 837 points.

The political outlook for the presidential elections of 2019 has a great impact on its high levels.

"Since August, the country's risk is changing between 600 and 800 points, when it comes to the top team, Cristina de Kirchner wins (presidential elections) or Peronism's two faces, rational and Kirchner, sends signals ready to join Peronism." said econometric consultant.

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